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Kathryn McKechnie
Kathryn McKechnie
McKechnie is a member of The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI), Fashion Group International and the Alumni Association of University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. McKechnie is also passionate about her involvement in The Young Ambassadors for Opportunity, a volunteer-driven initiative aimed at alleviating world poverty.

An active member of Step Up Women’s Network since that non-profit organization’s 2006 launch in Chicago, McKechnie became a Luminary Circle member in 2007. Since then, she’s chaired Step Up’s Teen Programs Empowerment Committee. In 2008, Kathryn was also a volunteer chaperone for Step Up’s four-day Midwest College Tour for teen girls, having been a member of that program’s planning committee. Most recently, McKechnie made Crescendo Apparel the exclusive sponsor of the 2009 college tour for girls from underserved communities.

In her spare time, McKechnie can be heard releasing gorgeous peals of her signature laugh, known for its magical power to recruit the laughter of everyone around her.
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